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MomFit Classes Start January 8th

As a parent, finding time to workout can be challenging. We focus on a good warmup, mobility and core strength. These 45 to 60-minute classes are designed specifically to allow you to bring your little one down to our safe and separate kids’ zone while you workout. Please note that for safety reasons kids are not allowed in the workout area.

Class times are 10am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Powerlifting Seminar

Saturday, January 27, 11:00am-4:00pm

Limited to 10 attendees (need a minimum of 4 to hold the class)

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Are you ready to get strong in 2018!?  Redbeard Barbell and Fitness presents this 5-hour powerlifting seminar.  The workshop will focus on the 3 powerlifts: Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. We will have a short lecture, followed by a short lifting session, on each lift. Participants will learn best practices for the 3 lifts including warm-ups, and optimizing technique for safety and strength. They will also receive individual coaching on each of the 3 lifts. Join us for a fun day of learning about the 3 big lifts!

For more information about Redbeard Barbell visit redbeardbarbell.com or email Tim@redbeardbarbell.com.


We want you to have fun while working out. Having fun is foundational to staying motivated.


Are you achieving your goals? We coach you through life to set goals and provide a plan to achieve them. Let results speak for themselves.


Rivet Athletic Club is your fitness community. We are local, family oriented and believe in giving back to the community.

Rivet Athletic Club

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