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Get Riveted Lifestyle Transformation

Rivet’s 30-day lifestyle transformation is changing lives. We have many success stories of people wanting to make a positive change and seeing results in just one month. Our goal is to help you build healthy habits which includes regular, fun and motivating Fit30 workouts. What are you waiting for?

If you are ready to transform your lifestyle, you can buy online here.

PPS CrossFit Fall 2018 Throwdown

We had an amazing turnout and the energy was out of this world! Thank you everyone who competed, supported the athletes and PPS CrossFit. This 60-second video captures the 5-hour event.

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Introducing FitX45

The perfect group class for those who want to:

  • Increase work capacity
  • Develop upper body strength
  • Improve core function
  • Learn basic barbell lifts

FitX45 features CrossFit-inspired workouts that are friendly for all and don’t require any CrossFit experience. It is a great class if you are a bootcamp fan!

FitX45 is Rivet’s twist on high-intensity interval training utilizes light weights at high volumes in conjunction with Concept II rowers and Xebex Air Bikes that make for a challenging and fun experience in every class.

These hybrid fitness class combine both our signature metabolic conditioning (Fit30) with select barbell movements (primarily powerlifting) allowing all fitness levels to fine tune technique, increase both strength & aerobic capacity and get their sweat on!

The workouts (WODs) have no barbell movements but still CrossFit movements.

Body Composition Analysis

With our advanced InBody scanner, we quickly and accurately measure your body composition. A complete body scan takes 45 seconds and your results stored with your unique ID and accessible in our cloud-based InBody service.

Kids’ Parties

Did somebody say party?! How cool would it be to have your kid’s birthday at Rivet? We are now offering party packages for kids of all ages.

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We want you to have fun while working out. Having fun is foundational to staying motivated.


Are you achieving your goals? We coach you through life to set goals and provide a plan to achieve them. Let results speak for themselves.


Rivet Athletic Club is your fitness community. We are local, family oriented and believe in giving back to the community.

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