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Mom, Dad and kids connect with Bay Area CrossFit coach. All share passion for building a fitness community, great customer experiences and the Pacific Northwest outdoor life. Rivet Athletic Club is the result!

Robert, Susan and their three kids love to stay active, whether outdoors or in a gym. CrossFit is at the core of their healthy lifestyle. For Robert, receiving a prosthetic heart valve a few years back as a result of a congenital defect, CrossFit and an active lifestyle is the best thing he can do to protect against illness. Susan’s background in customer service, retail and high-tech has resulted in her pent-up desire to do something with greater purpose. Something that will benefit not only her children but the local community around her. She loves to interact with people, entertain and make sure everyone is happy.

Scott loves to coach and motivate people. His background in hospitality and events combined with his years of experience in coaching people of all ages at one of the world’s most successful CrossFit franchises, NorCal CrossFit (now NC Fit), fueled his desire to build a community of his own.

Scott began coaching the Lacis kids at NC Fit’s Juniors program and this where the idea for Rivet Athletic Club was born. Scott and the Lacis family always talked about their love of Portland, CrossFit and opening their own gym. The rest is history.

Rivet Athletic Club’s purpose is simple – to provide a professional facility with a robust class schedule and staff dedicated to helping the community achieve great fitness results. We place tremendous value on fitness beyond the four walls of the gym and organize regular events like trail workouts, river paddles and ski/snowboard days.

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