Starting November 1, 2021, we are temporarily closed as we seek a transition to new ownership. Classes and open gym are canceled for now.


Mom, Dad and kids share a passion for building a fitness community, great customer experiences and the Pacific Northwest outdoor life. Rivet Athletic Club is the result!

Robert, Suzi and their three kids love to stay active, whether outdoors or in a gym. CrossFit is at the core of their healthy lifestyle. For Robert, receiving a prosthetic heart valve a few years back as a result of a congenital defect, CrossFit and an active lifestyle is the best thing he can do to protect against illness. Suziʼs background in customer service, retail and high-tech has resulted in her pent-up desire to do something with greater purpose. Something that will benefit not only her children but the local community around her. She loves to interact with people, entertain and make sure everyone is happy.

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This is the cornerstone of Rivet. The 60-minute classes are an ever-changing mix of strength, conditioning, gymnastics, plyometrics, and more complex barbell movements. We design our daily workouts to be scaled, up or down, making them accessible to all. If you’re just starting out, we recommend 2 to 4 weeks of Fit30 classes to prepare your body and lungs.


These 30-minute classes pack a punch in a short time with a focus on strength and conditioning. Adaptable for anyone from elite athletes to newbies, the workouts are intense without heavy lifting or complex movements. You'll experience running, sit-ups, jump rope, dumbbell exercises, cycling, and more.


The perfect group class for those who want to increase work capacity, develop upper body strength, and improve core function. Featuring CrossFit-inspired workouts that are friendly for all and don’t require any CrossFit experience as there are no barbells. Great for Bootcamp fans! The 45-minute classes are often the longest workouts of all our group fitness offerings.


Our latest Rivet Lifestyle Transformation program combines nutrition and fitness to provide you the tools, coaching, guidance and accountability to get lean and strong. You’ll get a Hungry for Help 1-on-1 nutrition coaching session along with 28 days of unlimited Fit30 classes.

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We want you to have fun while working out. Having fun is foundational to staying motivated.


Are you achieving your goals? We coach you through life to set goals and provide a plan to achieve them. Let results speak for themselves.


Rivet Athletic Club is your fitness community. We are local, family oriented and believe in giving back to the community.