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Our latest Rivet Lifestyle Transformation program combines nutrition and fitness to provide you the tools, coaching, guidance and accountability to get lean and strong. You’ll get a Hungry for Help 1-on-1 nutrition coaching session along with 28 days of unlimited Fit30 classes.

Body Composition Analysis

With our advanced InBody scanner, we quickly and accurately measure your body composition. A complete body scan takes 45 seconds and your results stored with your unique ID and accessible in our cloud-based InBody service.

Kids’ Parties

Did somebody say party?! How cool would it be to have your kid’s birthday at Rivet? We are now offering party packages for kids of all ages.

A Hug for your Sore Legs

Norma, or better known as NormaTec, is a high-tech compression massage for warm-up/pre-wokrout and recovery/post-workout. Whether from a long run or heavy leg day in the gym, Normatec speeds your recovery and feels great!

  • Reduce soreness
  • Recovery faster
  • Don’t let sore legs prevent your from achieving your workout goals

Rivet Ninja Kids Saturdays

Looking for a break from your kids on Saturdays? Do you kids want to have an awesome and fun afternoon? You’ve found the right place! Rivet offers a 3-hour class featuring games, crafts, snacks and a ninja obstacle course. We’ll play upbeat, kid-friendly tunes while your kids run around the gym. Drinks and snack are provided.

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We want you to have fun while working out. Having fun is foundational to staying motivated.


Are you achieving your goals? We coach you through life to set goals and provide a plan to achieve them. Let results speak for themselves.


Rivet Athletic Club is your fitness community. We are local, family oriented and believe in giving back to the community.

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