Robert, Suzi and their three kids love to stay active, whether outdoors or in a gym. CrossFit is at the core of their healthy lifestyle. For Robert, receiving a prosthetic heart valve a few years back as a result of a congenital defect, CrossFit and an active lifestyle is the best thing he can do to protect against illness. Suziʼs background in customer service, retail and high-tech has resulted in her pent-up desire to do something with greater purpose. Something that will benefit not only her children but the local community around her. She loves to interact with people, entertain and make sure everyone is happy. Rivet Athletic Clubʼs purpose is simple – to provide a professional facility with a robust class schedule and staff dedicated to helping the community achieve great fitness results. We place tremendous value on fitness beyond the four walls of the gym and organize regular events like trail workouts, river paddles and snow days.

So fresh and so clean…

How do I add the Rivet WOD to my iPhone home screen?

Open Safari and navigate to https://rivet.fit/wod. Tap the share button at the bottom of the screen.

Scroll down to “Add to Home Screen” and tap the plus.

Rename the link to “Rivet WOD” and tap “Add”.

How do I register or RSVP to a class?

To register or RSVP to a class, log into your account on WodHopper at https://syncapp.wodhopper.com/gym/12973/.

What’s your drop-in policy?

Dropping in from out of town or another box? The $20 drop-in fee includes a free t-shirt. Are you a Local resident? We offer your first drop in for free. We want you to check out the facility, meet the coaches, and see if you enjoy what we offer. Dropping in more than a few times? Please talk to us about a punch card option. Plan on arriving 15 minutes before the scheduled class time to sign a waiver and get introduced you to our box. You may find that we do things a little differently than your home box. We hope that you enjoy the change of scenery, clientele and maybe even music. If anything makes you uncomfortable, however, please do let us know.

I heard that CrossFitters use their own language, can you help me with the terms?

Sure! This is a great link that will help get you started – http://greatist.com/fitness/ultimate-guide-crossfit-lingo.  Word of caution: No need to be intimidated by this… We’ll walk you through it all!

I’m not in very good shape… can I do CrossFit?

Rivet Athletic Club is home to all sorts of members. Whether you’re in high school, completing your 50th marathon, recovering from an injury, healing a broken heart, just walking the dog or training for an Ironman, we will help you achieve your fitness goals. Rivet Athletic Club is unique in our split class offering: RVT CrossFit is great for more experienced people and those who enjoy heavy lifting. Fit30 classes are offered to those who don’t enjoy heavy lifting, who want to focus on general conditioning, or who are new to functional fitness and looking to work into RVT CrossFit classes. The Rivet community is comprised of people from every walk of life – stay-at-home parents, elite athletes, students, CEOs, members of the armed services, grandmas, firefighters and more. And although we have members of different sizes, shapes, and athletic backgrounds, we’ve developed a plan that can be tailored to anyone. Yes, anyone! Come check us out!

How often do you recommend I come to the gym?

Most of our clients attend three or four sessions per week, and they customize their plan week-to-week based on their goals and their current recommendations from Trainers. As your body adapts to the training, you might be able to add classes to your schedule, but our Staff can help you with all that!

What exactly is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness program that will change your life. By it’s definition, it uses “constantly varied, functional movement performed at a relative high intensity”. As a truly functional program, the difficulty level of our daily workouts is designed to be increased or decreased, depending upon the individual. This makes them doable by anyone. Daily workouts could include things such as core conditioning, rowing, sprinting, gymnastics, lifting, etc. And all our workouts are designed to improve overall flexibility, strength, speed, endurance, and agility.

Why is your gym more expensive than other gyms?

We know you may have a lot of choices on where to workout. What’s best… A treadmill at home? The gym down the street that is $15/month? A CrossFit membership? We’d actually encourage you to ask a different question. What are your goals? Personalized attention? Trained, professional coaches? Accountability? Working out with a group of supportive people who cheer on your success? If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, then we’d encourage you to check us out.

What will my first time in your gym be like?

Your first time in, we want you to feel comfortable. One of our awesome coaches will give you a tour of the facility, we’ll sit down with you and walk through your goals, and if your schedule allows, we can help you jump into a free Fit30 workout (tailored for new athletes and adjustable for all levels)