These 30-minute, instructor-led classes pack a quick punch, focus on building strength & conditioning and are adjustable for all fitness levels. Workouts are intense without heavy lifting or complex movements and include a mix of running, sit-ups, jump rope, dumbbells, kettlebells, cycling and more.


The perfect group class to increase work capacity, develop upper body strength, and improve core function.
The CrossFit-inspired (minus the barbell) workouts are friendly for all and don’t require CrossFit experience. A great class if you are a boot camp fan!


Rivet’s cornerstone, these 60-minute classes are an ever-changing blend of strength, conditioning, gymnastics, plyometrics, and some complex movements. Our daily workouts can be scaled and are accessible to all. If you’re just starting out, we recommend a month of Fit30 classes to prepare your body and lungs.

This schedule is for members of Rivet Athletic Club and experienced CrossFit drop-ins to reserve a class. If you are interested in attending a free trial class, tap here to get started.

Note: We are typically open when classes are scheduled.