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RVT CrossFit

This is the cornerstone of what we do at Rivet Athletic Club. Classes are 60 minutes and feature an ever-changing blend of strength work, conditioning work, gymnastics skills, plyometrics, and can feature some complex movements. As a truly functional program, we design our daily workouts to be scaled up-or down-to be accessible to all populations. If you’re just starting out, we recommend between 2-4 weeks of Fit30 classes to prepare your body and lungs.


These 30-minute classes are all about packing a punch in a short time, focused on building strength and conditioning. Adjustable for anyone from elite athletes to newbies. Workouts are intense and they never feature heavy lifting or highly complex movements (think running, sit ups, jump rope, dumbbell exercises, cycling, etc)


The perfect group class for those who want to:

  • Increase work capacity
  • Develop upper body strength
  • Improve core function

FitX45 features CrossFit-inspired workouts that are friendly for all and don’t require any CrossFit experience. It is a great class if you are a bootcamp fan!

FitX45 is Rivet’s twist on high-intensity interval training utilizes light weights at high volumes in conjunction with Concept II rowers and Xebex Air Bikes that make for a challenging and fun experience in every class.

The workouts (WODs) have no barbell movements but still CrossFit movements.

Personal Training

Do you want more individual attention to reach your fitness goals? Are you interested in having someone help hold you accountable for working toward your goals? Do you appreciate a supportive voice who has your best interest at heart? Rivet’s personal training option can help!
One of our professional coaches will lead you through a goal setting session and movement and fitness assessment that will help build your personalized training program.
We build lasting, trusting relationships through thoughtful and empathetic coaching! This is the bedrock for our athletes success!
No mountain is too high, no obstacle too big, no water too deep! YOU have a support team at Rivet! Let your journey begin!

Nutrition Coaching

Rivet’s Nutrition Coaching is led by Suzi Lacis.  Nutrition is a vital component to overall health!  Everyone, not just athletes, need a nutrition program built for them!  Join our unique 4 step process.

  • Schedule your initial Nutrition Consultation.
  • Follow your customized plan that you and your nutrition coach design.
  • Attend your monthly check ins to stay on track.
  • You’ve reached your goal! Continue on-going coaching to stay accountable.

Learn more about Nutrition Coaching

NormaTec Recovery

The NormaTec Recovery system is a high-tech compression massage for warm-up/pre-wokrout and recovery/post-workout. Whether from a long run or heavy leg day in the gym, NormaTec speeds your recovery and feels great!

  • Reduce soreness
  • Recovery faster
  • Don’t let sore legs prevent your from achieving your workout goals

Body Composition Analysis

With our advanced InBody scanner, we quickly and accurately measure your body composition. A complete body scan takes 45 seconds and your results stored with your unique ID and accessible in our cloud-based InBody service. Learn more…